Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mobile Monday London & Swedish Beers birthday party round-up

Yes, I know it's been a while coming but it's been kinda busy at technokitten towers lately so I haven't manage to catch up on everything yet but I thought it was about time to tell you about our Mobile Monday and Swedish Beers birthday party.

If you weren't there, you missed a treat. Tim Green, editor of Mobile Entertainment Magazine did a wonderful job in the role of Parky to host our chat show stylee event with guests Dr Mike Short (VP R&D O2 Telefonica), Russell Buckley (MD Europe Admob and Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association), Madhuban Kumar (Founder, Ereni Partners) and the infamous Bill Thompson from the BBC's digital planet amongst other things. And the mid-way entertainment was provided by the wonderful guys at MIReview. More on that later.

As I was busy organising everything I was in and out of the room so didn't hear the whole thing but since the rooms was packed there were plenty people who did and some of them even wrote about it including Tom Hume, Russell and James Cameron.

And the MIReview guys were fab. They recorded their weekly show live (the first time they've done this) and also did some vox pops at Swedish Beers afterwards. Below are the links to the official segments and the last clip is from Ribot, who recorded the live recording in all its glory so you can see the before and after, effectively.

MIR Show - Week 45 - MoMo London Live from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

MIR Show - Week 45 - Omar Hamoui, founder of AdMob from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

MIR Show - Week 45 - Justin Davies, Co-Founder of NinetyTen from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

Mobile Industry Review invade Mobile Monday London from ribot on Vimeo.

The Swedish Beers party afterwards at Bar 101 was a blast as usual and special thanks has to go to Future of Mobile and MX Telecom for their generosity and support in sponsoring the evening. There were already lots of people waiting for us by the time we got there, which was great. And there were folks there from all areas of the industry and far too many to name check them all - but included Future Platforms, O2, Vodafone, dotmobi, IIR, Carsonified, NinetyTen, Rummble, INQ, Admob, Ereni Partners, IQinc, MX Telecom, Spinvox, Ring Ring, Media, Trutap, Ribot, Fred's Talent, Hai Media, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Six Degrees, Yahoo!, Google, Kizoom, AdIq, NitroMobile, Symbian, Truphone, Nokia, Synchro Arts, Flirtomatic, Mippin, Ericsson, MMA, Splendid Communications, Vertu, MobGeo, Sony Ericsson, Yiibu, and more besides. It was good to see some familiar faces too and have a catch up over a beer and also good to meet some new faces too.

And a *special* thanks to everyone involved in getting this particular show on the road, especially Sevgi, Stephanie, Lisa and Bryan for their support and help on the night.

Update: in case you're interested, quite a few folks blogged about the evening too so feel free to browse the following blog posts.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mobile Monday & Swedish Beers celebrate together on 10th November

Yes, it's true. Both Swedish Beers and Mobile Monday London have their birthdays round about now - 7 years and 3 years respectively. And to celebrate, we're joining forces and having a big bash combining the best of both events in one big night out on Monday 10th November.

So the format's going to be a little bit different, but we hope you will still enjoy it immensely. So what's in store then...?

The Mobile Monday bit:

Well we have Tim Green, editor of Mobile Entertainment Magazine who is going to be our host with the most on the evening. And he's going to be interviewing four mobile industry celebrities for our delectation, talking about the year just gone and the year ahead and the odd anecdote or three in a chat show stylee. Our esteemed guests are Dr Mike Short from O2, Russell Buckley from Admob, Bill Thompson, a regular from the BBC's Digital Planet plus a mystery guest. There will be time for questions from the audience too.

We will have the MIReview Show joining us too and in the spirit of the evening, they will be presenting and filming some of their show LIVE on stage. (If you don't know them already, think Top Gear but about mobile technology instead of cars.). And we're still hopeful for a surprise or two.

This will all be happening at the CBI at Centrepoint (Tottenham Court Road tube) - Doors opening at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Don't be late, otherwise you'll miss the Mobile Monday Chat Show as it will only be on for about an hour to an hour and half.

The Swedish Beers bit

Then once the show's a wrap as they say in TV land, we'll move on straight away to Bar 101 (it's underneath Centrepoint at the back) to join the Swedish Beers crew and enjoy some free beer, random chat and general good cheer courtesy of our very generous sponsors - The Future of Mobile and MX Telecom.

There's no formality at Swedish Beers, just turn up, be friendly, drink beer (or soft drinks), chew the fat, talk about mobile stuff (or not) and generally enjoy the vibe. To claim your free drink, you'll need to find one of the generous sponsors, one of the Swedish Beers crew or one of the Mobile Monday organisers to claim your beer token. Without the token, it's a pay bar. But it's open until late, so we can talk mobile nonsense until the wee hours if you like.


If you'd like to come to the Mobile Monday Chat Show, please RSVP here by 'adding record' with your name and company details. No RSVP required for Swedish Beers. You don't have to come to both parts of the evening, but it would be fun if you did. The more the merrier as they say and both venues can hold a lot of us mobile types. So spread the word!

See you Monday 10th November in celebratory mode.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Swedish Beers in London and Barcelona needs you!

Yes, that's right. Swedish Beers needs you, dear mobilist. The Swedish Beers team members are currently planning forthcoming events in London for the Autumn this year and Spring next year and are also planning ahead for Barcelona in February 2009 to coincide with Mobile World Congress (MWC 2009).

Swedish Beers is one of the most popular mobile networking events on the circuit but it can't happen without the financial support of very generous sponsors. And if you're reading this, the chances are you already know how good our events are because you've been to one of our events or someone you know has and they've lived to tell you the tale! So if you fancy being one of our generous sponsors, making friends and influencing people, and joining the ranks of being a Swedish Beers friend alongside BT, Admob, Bango, Trutap, Sponge, Major Players, Tanla Mobile, ARN Consulting, PINoptic, MyMart, Colibria and MyStrands please get in touch to discuss the detail of how you can reach the mobilists that other events cannot reach.


Swedish Beers Down Under (#2) – drink beer, talk mobile, drink more beer, talk nonsense…

Good news for all you mobilists Down Under. The last event was so good that the fabulous Jen² team have pulled it out of the bag again and have organised the second Swedish Beers Down Under.

Well, mark your diaries for Wednesday, 27th August 2008 at the Redoak Boutique Beer Café, Clarence Street – same venue as last time. Once again, drinking commences @ 5.30pm. This month, Swedish Beers is being sponsored by the lovely people at BlueCentral, so when you have a drink, you’ve got them to thank!

A lot has happened in the mobile industry Down Under since the last bash – 3G iphones launched in Australia to people queuing round the block in freezing temperatures, BlueCentral is launching a mobility solutions arm, NZ’s Hyperfactory is setting up shop in Oz, Telstra is embracing QR Codes in their new Olympics advertising campaign, Xumii is launching, Mega is pitching, Big Brother has finally died a death and there is a new AIMIA Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index Survey about to launch. In addition, we’re all wondering if it's winter or the economic downturn that has us all shivering a little.

At our inaugural event, the place was packed with over 80 people coming and drinking beer. There was a lot of mobile talk going around, a few job offers here and there, some quiet business pitches being made and, later in the evening, a lot of nonsense being talked. Come and meet your competitors, friends, colleagues, clients and suppliers in a not-so-chilly environment and get talking over a not-so-Swedish beer.As one of the attendees at the first Swedish Beers (held just after Mobile Content World Australasia) said ”I really enjoyed the last one. To be honest the networking was more useful than it had been sitting through those seminars all day at MCW.” Praise indeed.

Please feel free to invite anyone else who you find interesting enough to attend!


Swedish Beers Sydney event is brought to you by Sydney mobilists, Jen², who are Jennifer Hiley of 5th Finger & Jennifer Wilson of Lean Forward

ABOUT OUR LOVELY SPONSOR without whom the night would just not be as much fun:

BlueCentral is a hosting and mobility solutions provider. At BlueCentral we provide all of your hosting needs, from domain names to dedicated hosting. We have recently expanded our product portfolio to offer mobile messaging aggregation, mobile billing and delivery.

BlueCentral provides a platform to enable your company to achieve future growth, our mobile gateway provides your company with international reach. BlueCentral mobility allows its clients to add mobile messaging to their business without incurring large infrastructure setup costs. We take care of all the complexities involved with these solutions to make it easier for you to manage.


Swedish Beers is an ad-hoc mobile networking event (run roughly quarterly) by British mobilists, Helen Keegan (aka technokitten) and Steve Flaherty of RespondMobile . It has been running in London since 2001 and Barcelona since 2006. Nothing formal, no speakers, no powerpoint, just turn up and mingle and hang out with folks from the mobile, marketing and media worlds.


Join the group at you'll be in good company and get more details about this and other events, check out some photos and meet some of your fellow Swedish Beer lovers.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Swedish Beers is launching Down Under

Not content with London and Barcelona, we're very excited to announce that Swedish Beers is launching Down Under with its inaugural event next week in Sydney.

The team behind the launch is Jen² (Jennifer Hiley of 5th Finger and Jennifer Wilson of Lean Forward) and they've booked the charming Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe for your pleasure.

We all know Aussies love their beer and with mobile penetration at more than 100%, it looks like we also love our mobiles so we reckon you'll also love Swedish Beers Mobile Networking. Come along and join us for a beer or three and plenty of chat at The Redoak Boutique Beer Café. Drinking commences @ 5.30pm. Nothing formal, no speakers, no powerpoint, nothing flashy, just turn up and mingle and hang out with folks from the mobile, marketing and media worlds. So if you're friendly, enjoy mixing and have a passing interest in mobile, then come and hang out with the nice Swedish Beers folks Down Under. No need to RSVP unless you'd really like to but do spread the word to your colleagues and friends.

If the London and Barcelona events are anything to go by, this promises to be a good 'un so you'd better be there to check out the action!

What: Swedish Beers launches Down Under

When: Wednesday 28th May from 5.30pm

Where: The Redoak Boutique Beer Café, 201 Clarence Street, Sydney, Australia. (Here's a map)

Unfortunately the London crew won't be there to enjoy the first event Down Under, but we've left you in the capable hands of Jen² in our absence.


What is Swedish Beers?
Swedish Beers is an ad-hoc mobile networking event (run roughly quarterly) by British mobilists, Helen Keegan (aka technokitten) and Steve Flaherty of RespondMobile. It has been running in London since October 2001 and in Barcelona for the last 3 years. Find us on facebook too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The best Swedish Beers event yet

Yes, thats right folks. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we had our best event in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress.

We had 100s of mobile executives through our doors throughout the evening right through until closing time in the wee hours of the morning. There were free beers galore (we drank the bar dry of draught Stella!) and definitely lots of chatting and mingling going on.

There were too many people there to mention but one of the things I really enjoy about the event in Barcelona is that we attract visitors from all over the world and it really adds to the atmosphere on the evening. I know we had folks there from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Israel and dear old Blighty of course.

Some of the folks we met there included IPC, Manchester United FC, Yahoo, Google, Peperoni, Mobvision, Perform Group, Fred's, ARN Consulting, Respond Mobile, Acxiom, Medio Systems, Airwide Solutions, Flixwagon, Spinvox, Mobile Monday, Vodafone, Reactor, Aditon, MX Telecom, Ribot, Future Platforms, Mippin, Vertu, Jajah, Betavine, Ionsquare, We Love Mobile, MSN, Sponge, Rok, Truphone, Reuters, m-spatial, Device Management Forum, Moblica, Radius-Ed, Wizzfone, Greenwich Consulting, CScout,, Sofia Digital, Carmunity, Leiki, M:Metrics and a load more besides. If you were there, then add a comment below and tell me!

And if you think it's just me who thought it was a good night, then some folks have said lovely things about us too...

"Cheers for a superb Swedish Beers night in Barcelona! Really good
turnout and good fun of course!"

"Swedish Beers has been the best networking event I’ve been to, and I
don’t just mean Barcelona."

"It was a great event, lots of interesting people having a great time. I even met someone from Sweden - how cool is that!"

"Thanks for a great do in Barcelona, I know everyone said it but it was
the best one! Here’s to the next!!"

And we couldn't have done it without our very generous sponsors - PINoptic, Trutap, MyMart and Admob so a special thank you to them for their generosity with beer tokens. And a huge thank you as well to Belchica and the bar staff there who made it such a fun evening for us.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Swedish Beers in Barca sponsors announced

Just in case you haven't heard, Swedish Beers is coming to Barcelona for MWC. Yes, it's that time of year again and everyone who is lucky enough to be heading to the sunshine and frolics in Barcelona is organising their MWC social life. The Swedish Beers crew *will* be in town as many of you already know and we'll be living it up at Belchica courtesy of our very generous sponsors Trutap - David and Carl, PINoptic - Colin and Jenny, MyMart - Adam and Ben, and Admob - Russell and Andy. So the first few beers will be on them. The proceedings kick off at 7pm and will go on until late (the bar's open very late so we won't get kicked out) so feel free to drop by and say hello, or should I say hola, during the evening.

Like last year's Swedish Beers in Spain in a Belgian Bar, on the night the very generous sponsors (this year's are David, Carl, Colin, Jenny, Russell, Andy, Adam and Ben) and the Swedish Beers crew (that's me, Steve, Anton and Gillian) will be the ones armed with the beer tokens. So come and search us out to claim your free beers.

It'll be the usual eclectic mix of media, marketing and mobile types but since we're in Barcelona for the night, it's a chance for our friends from outside the UK to join the fun too. There's sure to be lots of familiar faces as many of the London regulars will be there, but we're looking forward to welcoming new folks too. So if you fancy a drink and a chat and a mingle with the nice Swedish Beers folks, then come along and join in. You don't have to talk about mobile and you don't even have to drink beer if you don't want to, but it would be nice if you were friendly and enjoyed hanging out with other friendly folk who happen to have a passing interest in things mobile. There's no RSVP required unless you'd like to. If we're full when you arrive, don't panic, just come back a bit later. Folks will be coming and going all evening I expect.



Where: Belchica, Villarroel 60, 08011 Barcelona. Entrance on Gran Via de Deputacion. Metro L1 Urguell (so very near Congress).

When: Tuesday 12th February 2008 19:00h onwards

What: Swedish Beers Mobile Networking Drinks

ABOUT OUR LOVELY SPONSORS without whom the night wouldn't be possible

*Trutap* is an easy-to-use free mobile service that for the first time, globally, combines all the elements of a young person's social life into one application. With trutap users can easily connect and converse with friends and family, wherever they are, whenever they want. trutap currently operates in over 200 countries across the world and will operate in more shortly. Carl and David will be with us and if you want to know what they look like, their pictures can be found here! I'm quite sure David and Carl will keep you amused as well being Swedish Beers old-timers.

*PINoptic* applies its Visual Probabilistic One Time Password (VPOTP) next-generation software to high security authentication applications. This delivers an easy to implement yet innovative, universal security solution with the strength required by even financial institutions. PINoptic maintains user simplicity through the use of pictures and symbols which appeals to a global market with differing literacy levels. Applications range from financial through to internet, mobile telecoms, corporate IT and access control. PINoptic's vision is to become a defacto security standard and replace 99% of existing pin and password systems by 2012. Jenny and Colin will be on hand to explain all and it's pretty cool. Oh, and they'll have tokens for free beer.

*MyMart* is leading the way in mobile retail by providing mobile shop technology and services for operators, agencies and retailers. Adam and Ben are looking forward to building strategic relationships at the mobile world congress. They're also interested to chat about wheree mobile retail may be heading. Adam and Ben will have beer tokens in hand and are generally fun to hang out with too. And no, they won't try and sell you anything on the spot via one of their mobile shops... Well, I don't think they will anyway ;)

*Admob* Founded in 2006 (on my birthday as it happens! Ed), AdMob is the world's largest and highest quality mobile advertising marketplace, serving more than 2 billion mobile banner and text ads per month. Founded in January 2006, AdMob allows advertisers to reach their customers on the mobile web and enables publishers to increase the value of their mobile sites. AdMob offers advertisers the ability to target and personalize advertising to their customers in 160 countries. Sample AdMob customers include Coca Cola, Starbucks, MSN, Paramount Pictures, Reuters, MTV and many more. AdMob serves ads for over 3,000 mobile web sites, including ESPN, CBS, Weather Underground, Maxim and Peperonity. Russell (genunine old skool mobilist and blogger), Andy and I expect a few more from their crew will be around to hand out beer tokens and generally chew the fat.

Join the group - you'll be in good company and get more details about this event


The Swedish Beers crew: Helen, Steve, Anton and Gillian

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Swedish Beers crew are back in Barcelona in February

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the world’s mobilists land in Barcelona to obsess about all things mobile for a few days for the GSMA's Mobile World Congress (the conference formerly known as 3GSM). So of course, the Swedish Beers Posse will be in town too and we're running our Swedish Beers Mobile Networking event too and would love you to join us.

So if you're friendly, enjoy mingling and have a passing interest in mobile, then mingle with the nice Swedish Beers folks. Don't worry, you don't have to talk about mobile technology, handsets or whatever and you don't even have to drink beer if you don't want to but we would like you to be friendly and enjoy mingling with us.

We have some lovely sponsors lined up and the first few beers will be on them - more details as they're confirmed.

Where: Belchica, Villarroel 60, 08011 Barcelona. Entrance on Gran Via de Deputacion. Metro L1 Urguell (so very near Congress and the same place we went to last year).

When: Tuesday 12th February 2008

Time: 7pm onwards

What: Swedish Beers Mobile Networking drinks


Helen, Steve, Anton, Seth and the crew who are too numerous to mention!