Thursday, June 15, 2006

Swedish Beers was a blast last night

We had a great time at the Nordic Bar last night with folks from all kinds of industries, roles and companies - News Optimus, Emap, Mi-pay, Admob (our lovely sponsor), Zone Vision, Phoniq, MTV, BeepMarketing, Future Platforms, O2, Telecom Express, Intelli-call, Supersonic Films, Sentinel Entertainment, Botonics, Luup, Retail Internet, Perfect Path, Deloitte, ARN Consulting, the lovely KDD and Siobhan and loads more who I just didn't get round to talking to.

It was also very cool catching up with my two old bosses from ZagMe days - Bill and Russell - it was almost like a family reunion!

Big up to our fab sponsor for the night, Admob. Russell Buckley, who's heading up Admob's European division did a sterling job of paying for a lot of drinks and generally being lovely to everyone. So a very big thank you to him.

Our next event will be in October when it's our 5th birthday and we're on the hunt for a sponsor or two. Watch this space as they say...