Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Well, that was quite the night! Thank you for coming!

It always takes me a little while to get over the intensity and madness of Mobile World Congress. There's so much to see, so many people to meet and so many good conversations to digest and mull over. Throw in some sleep deprivation and being out of my usual routine means I take time out to recover.

I'm still buzzing about the whole show, but in particular, I'm buzzing about Swedish Beers. It was such a fun night. Thank you to everyone who came - Swedish Beers is nothing without all of you, whether you're one of my regulars or discovering the party for the first time.  

A big thank you to my sponsors: Toby at Headforwards, Adam from aql and TrustiUK, Anton & Steph from Imagination, Nick from nquiring Minds,  Eduardo from Monedata, the Combain Team, Ian from DigitelTalk, and Troy from SER Team. Of course, their financial support is needed and pays for all the beers. But to me, the personal support they give me means just as much.

And let's not forget the fab team at Space Cowboy who looked after us so well. They kept the beers and cocktails flowing and joined in the fun too. They tell me we were all lovely too. Praise indeed.

And finally, thank you to my gorgeous photographer Erika Arias who always manages to capture the occasion so well. You can see for yourself here.


Swedish Beers #16 Barcelona 28 Feb 2024

I am planning a London comeback edition of Swedish Beers very soon - watch this space, as they say. If you fancy sponsoring, please get in touch.

Until the next time!