Thursday, January 22, 2009

I want, you want, we all want Swedish Beers!

Update 01/02/10: 2010's event details are here. Same place, same time, same day (Weds). See you there. Skål.

It's that time of year when the Mobile Industry goes to Barcelona and we're now in the final planning stages with our respective companies, clients, colleagues and what have you. And obviously, Swedish Beers, I'm very pleased to say, has become an integral part of the Barcelona experience for many in our mobile community.

Tis true that I haven't organised anything yet because that is very much dependent on sponsors getting involved so I'm putting a shout out to you all to get involved and dig deep and help us make sure we can put on another Swedish Beers event.

To make the party go with a bang, we need about 4,000 Euros and that will keep 500 or so mobile execs merry for several hours. And we're happy to have several sponsors - it doesn't just have to be one. You bring the money, we'll bring the warm bodies, good cheer and random chat.

So if you have some budget for this and would like to get involved, or you know someone who might have budget, then please get in touch via email. And if you don't have money, you can still help by showing your appreciation for Swedish Beers by leaving a comment as to why you think we should have a Swedish Beers party this year in Barcelona... can you believe it, some folks don't know much about Swedish Beers? So your testimonials would be a great help to us. We want to know what Swedish Beers means to you... so over to you my Swedish Beers chums...