Tuesday, February 09, 2016

I'm happy to announce...

..that the venue for Swedish Beers is confirmed - we're back in our old haunt of Dostrece. Find it behind the Ramblas and behind the Boqueria market. The nearest Metro station is Liceu.

I'm also happy to announce our first raft of sponsors.

Our lead sponsor is Voluum - The Voluum team are very excited to be showcasing their newest product, VoluumDSP, at MWC this year.  With a focus on usability, deep analytics, anti-fraud and generally making the execution of mobile programmatic campaigns less painful, it’s definitely worth grabbing Gavin, Robert or one of their team to find out more. They're experienced mobile marketers themselves, they know the challenges both advertisers and publishers face and really know how this stuff works. Gavin is also a Swedish Beers veteran so can show you the Swedish Beers ropes too!  @voluumdsp

Next up is Nextbit! They have a new phone to show off called Robin. And it looks very interesting indeed. A game-changer in Android devices? I think it might just be. You decide when you meet the team on the 24th February!

I'm delighted to welcome back aql for the umpteenth time. aql Founder and CEO, Dr Adam Beaumont, will be with us once more for chat and jollity and to talk hosting, messaging, telecoms, innovation and why Leeds is the centre of the internet universe. No really, it is! Welcome back aql!

Further sponsor announcements shortly. It's not too late to get involved. Get in touch with me if you're interested in sponsoring this or other Swedish Beers events.