Friday, August 01, 2008

Swedish Beers in London and Barcelona needs you!

Yes, that's right. Swedish Beers needs you, dear mobilist. The Swedish Beers team members are currently planning forthcoming events in London for the Autumn this year and Spring next year and are also planning ahead for Barcelona in February 2009 to coincide with Mobile World Congress (MWC 2009).

Swedish Beers is one of the most popular mobile networking events on the circuit but it can't happen without the financial support of very generous sponsors. And if you're reading this, the chances are you already know how good our events are because you've been to one of our events or someone you know has and they've lived to tell you the tale! So if you fancy being one of our generous sponsors, making friends and influencing people, and joining the ranks of being a Swedish Beers friend alongside BT, Admob, Bango, Trutap, Sponge, Major Players, Tanla Mobile, ARN Consulting, PINoptic, MyMart, Colibria and MyStrands please get in touch to discuss the detail of how you can reach the mobilists that other events cannot reach.


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