Friday, February 05, 2010

So good, Silverstreet had to sponsor it twice!

silverstreet logo Yes, that’s right, the super team at Silverstreet had such a good time at Swedish Beers in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress last year that they’re sponsoring it again this year! And I’m thrilled to be welcoming them back to join us :)

So who are the folks at Silverstreet then and what do they do? Well they’re a specialist in messaging (SMS) offering global reach with MT termination options covering more than 700 networks worldwide (that’s going some). They have a focus on mission critical traffic (so making sure your message gets to the right place at the right time) and high volume (wholesale) clients. On top of this, they also maintain coverage for Premium Rate SMS in 32 countries and continue to expand their portfolio.

New to the Silverstreet suite of services is the introduction of its AirTime Transfer services which are geared towards Mobile Operators around the world who are interested in offering their subscribers a service where they can send airtime credits to their friends and family overseas.

Silverstreet has grown *a lot* since they were with us last year and now has local offices in Europe (where they started), the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia and most recently opened an office in the Philippines. With 10 years under their belt in the Mobile Industry, and members of the MEF, you’ll find the team a fun bunch and very happy to talk messaging and other mobile stuff until the cows come home. Much like the rest of us really!

Eric, Timo, Mitch and Mil will be there from Silverstreet so be sure to look out for them to say hello, chat about mobile stuff – messaging, airtime, PSMS or whatever. And if you ask nicely, I expect they’ll be more than happy to share their very generous amount of beer tokens with you.


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