Friday, February 23, 2024

Welcoming the return of aql and introducing Trusti, an auditable token platform

Oh, it's good to have returning sponsors! Many of you who are Swedish Beers regulars will know the wonderful Professor Adam Beaumont and his team from aql from the times we hung out at Dostrece. Well, Adam's back and this time, he has a new thing to talk about - Trusti

Trusti provides trust-as-a-service in the data and physical domain. Securing SMS, IoT and code providing NFTs to preserve physical value. 

Trusti is an auditable token platform built to support lifecycle integrity across any industry or process. It's the globally trusted certificate authority and immutable ledger architecture behind Trusti Tokens, which are publicly verifiable, secure, and flexible enough to suit all use cases. That could be CA as a service for enterprise, defence or government, for example. The Trusti Token can also be generated as a secure QR code, and Adam can show you that in action on the night in exchange for a beer token or two.

Welcome to the Swedish Beers family, Trusti!

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