Thursday, February 23, 2023

A very warm Swedish Beers welcome to our lead sponsor - World Mobile!

world mobile logo

I'm very pleased to announce the support of World Mobile for our Swedish Beers bash on Wednesday night. 

World Mobile wants to live in a world where everyone can participate in economic empowerment without the restraints of location or origin. They want to allow consumers to be able to make well-informed purchases and for businesses to thrive in the global market. Moreover, the World Mobile Team is on a mission to create an innovative, high-impact mobile network with a tangible socio-economic effect by connecting the unconnected and offering free telephony to otherwise isolated areas through partnership schemes.

Using blockchain technology at the core of their network, protection, security and the sovereignty of subscriber's data is at the heart of what World Mobile does. And by allowing subscribers to own and operate elements of the infrastructure, World Mobile is building distributed, censorship-resistant, trustless and borderless communication channels to emancipate people around the world.

Sounds pretty nifty, I'd say. James, Josie, Holly and the World Mobile Team will be able to tell you much more on the night. And of course, they'll have the beer tokens, so do search them out when you come!

Find out more about World Mobile over on their website or LinkedIn or contact Josie to arrange a meeting at their expo space at this year's Mobile World Congress.

If you haven't already registered, you can do that here:

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