Friday, May 11, 2012

Swedish Beers: Barcelona 2012–The Photos!

Yes, I know it has been a while since our little party for 1000 or so of you happened in Barcelona, but what with travelling and work and life getting in the way, I haven’t had time to update things much round these parts. But better late than never, I say.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the photos already on Facebook, they’re now on flickr and in a handy slideshow format for you below.

But before you look at those, I want to thank all the sponsors for the event – Millennial Media, Apadmi, AQL, Boost / MadMaker and Pearson. We could not have run the party without their financial and moral support. A big thank you also to the worthy crew of volunteers who helped man the door as we were fantastically busy for the whole night. Apologies to those who weren’t able to get in this time. We didn’t think we’d be as busy as we were. And yes, I’m looking for a bigger venue for next time around in Barcelona. And finally, a big thank you to the team at Dostrece – Gabriel, Abraham, Suji and the rest of the staff. Always so friendly and fun, even on a busy night like Swedish Beers.

Our next parties are scheduled for 16 May in San Francisco and on 30 May in London. See you there!

Helen, Jenny, Gabriel, James and Catherine


Created with flickr slideshow.

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**********About our Sponsors***********

Millennial Media logoOur lead sponsor this time around was Millennial Media. They're big fans of Swedish Beers and sponsored our London come back party in the summer. And in return, we’re big fans of theirs too. You couldn't be in better hands with Gavin, Stephen, Mack and the crew. They definitely know how to have a good time.

AQL logoNext up is AQL. So good they had to sponsor us twice. And we're very glad they did. Adam Beaumont and his fine team will be there to talk all things mobile messaging and voice communications with you . There's not much he doesn't know or can't do with mobile messaging.

Pearson logoNewcomers to Swedish Beers are Pearson. Yes, that's right, the parent company of, Penguin books and much more besides. They're exhibiting this year at Congress and are particularly interested to talk about mobile technology in emerging markets as well as innovations in eBooks and the like. The team will also be on hand to tell you about their adventures in HTML5 and their dealings with the behemoth that is Apple. We're also very pleased that they're sponsoring the overall Heroes of the Mobile Fringe 2012 festival too.

Up next is Apadmi. Fans of Swedish Beers for many years and now it's their turn to join the party as a sponsor. Garry and the team build mobile apps and solutions and very experienced at it they are too. They're also great fun and have kick-started the mobile networking scene in Manchester by taking the lead in setting up Mobile Monday Manchester.


Madmaker is launching very soon and is a do-it-yourself mobile ad maker - you see what they did there with the name? I've seen the system in action and it's really very neat. Oystein, Andy and the team from Boost are behind this new product and will be at Swedish Beers to give it a proper Nordic vibe as they hail from Norway. Oh, and they know a thing or two about mobile marketing as well so will be happy to chat away about that with you until the wee hours about what's hot and what's not in the sector. You'll also find them at 2F33 in the MWC exhibition too.

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